RandomGrump and You

What is RandomGrump?

Want to watch some Game Grumps, but can't decide on a video or series? RandomGrump is for you! Select your filters and RandomGrump will return a queue of GameGrumps videos and/or playlists for you to watch.

How do I use the filters?

Maybe you only want to watch Steam Train videos, or maybe you only want to watch series featuring Jon. RandomGrump can make that happen.


Type decides whether you want to watch videos, playlists, or both.

  • Video - The queue returned will contain videos, completely out of any sort of order. The videos may be one-offs or from the middle of a series.
  • Playlist - The queue returned will contain playlists. A playlist will play in order from front to back before continuing to the next playlist.
  • Both - The queue will contain both playlists and videos.


Determines if the videos/playlists returned should be from before or after the Jon/Dan changeover.

  • Jon Era - Classic Grumps! All videos and playlists from before Dan joined the show.
  • Dan Era - New Grumps! All videos and playlists from after Dan joined the show.
  • Both - Total Grumps! All videos and playlists on the channel from any point in time.


Determines whether you'd like videos from the "One-OffS" playlist to show up in your results. Note: This option is disabled if the "Type" is set to "playlist". Furthermore, it does not affect channels in the "Extras" section.

  • Include one-offs - Your queue will include videos from the one-offs playlist.
  • Exclude one-offs - Your queue will not include videos from the one-offs playlist.
  • Only one-offs - Your queue will only include videos from the one-offs playlist.


Determines if the videos/playlists returned should only be from a specific show or combination of shows, such as only Steam Train or only Grumpcade and Game Grumps. Mix and match!


Allows you to return results based on the keyword(s) entered. For example, "Mario" will only return videos or playlists with "Mario" somewhere in the title. You can add multiple keywords, each separated by a comma.

You can also use this to filter out results you don't want by using the "!" or "-" operator. For example, a keyword search of "mario, !kart, !party" will return a queue of various Mario episodes, but will omit any Mario Kart or Mario Party episodes.

Thank you to /u/in2erval on Reddit for suggesting this feature and helping to test it.


Extras includes channels that are related to or similar to Game Grumps.

What do the "Next" and "Prev" buttons do?

The large Prev/Next buttons below the player are for navigating the queue. If you want to go to the next video in a playlist, use the buttons in the YouTube player itself.

How do I save or load a queue?

When the site loads or when you press the "Grump!" button, a random queue of content is generated. Pressing "Save Queue" saves the list of content as well as your place in the queue into your local storage. To load your saved queue, simply press the "Load Queue" button. This queue will persist until you manually delete it (such as by clearing cookies). Note: You only get one "save slot", so to speak. Hitting "Save Queue" will overwrite any other queue you already have saved.

What does the "Autoplay" setting do?

When the Autoplay box is checked, any item in the queue must be manually started by the user before playing. Note: This applies to playlists as well, HOWEVER once a playlist has been started it will still automatically play each video in the playlist. When the playlist ends, the next item in the queue will load and wait to be manually started.

Where did the donate button go?

It didn't seem terribly useful anymore. If you'd like to donate some money, send it to a reputable charity.

Help! Your dumb site is broken!

If the site isn't working properly (e.g. returning the wrong results, not returning anything, exploding, etc.) or if you have any feature requests or feedback, feel free to drop me a line through any of the following means:

Why is this a thing?

I really like Game Grumps.